Promote your event or project

Have an awesome event to promote? Contact us by e-mail or Facebook. We will contact you about this and see if we can talk about it on the show.

We will allow everyone to promote their event, but here are some tips for how to get most success out of an interview:

  1. Prepare well for an interview. Know what you want to tell, and have all event information by hand. You should be able to make clear why people should participate in your event.
  2. Speak English. I think all AEGEE’ans speak some level of English, but unfortunately the level of education about this is not the same all over Europe. Because you want to bring a story to our listeners, it would be best if they were able to understand it. Is there someone from your antenna who is better at English? You might want to ask her or him to do the interview.
    If not, no problem, because we will never refuse someone on our show for not being good enough at English!
  3. Check your Skype connection. Most interviews are recorded during a Skype call. Some laptops, tablets or phones have bad quality microphones, which sometimes makes it hard to understand. Most people have more then one device capable of running Skype. Pretty much every Android, Windows and iOS phone and tablet is capable of running Skype. You can test your quality by calling to echo123, which allows you to say something which you will then hear back. If you can’t find something that’s perfect, we won’t refuse you for it on the show, as long as we can hear and understand you.
  4. Relax! Most interviews are not live during the show. This means that if you make a mistake, say something wrong by accident, you can just start again so we can edit it out. (If, however, you confess your love for that one AEGEE member by accident, we might choose not to 😉 )