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Hey! We (the young and ambitious team of are always looking for active, creative and full of energy members to join our radio journey. Maybe it will be you? Check a list of just some of the many things that can be done!

  • Journalist
    Are you an easy talker, do you attend many AEGEE-events and/or speak a lot of members? Then you could gather their opinion! We have a lot of topics on our radio shows, and would like to know the opinion of our other members about this topic. If you have a device capable of recording audio like a cellphone  or tablet, you can already help!
  • News Reader
    Each show starts with the European News, headlines from the last week in Europe. The news reader records these messages on the day of broadcast.
  • Music Embassador
    For every country in Europe, we would like to have someone who keeps track of local music trends. Read more about this here.


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