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AEGEE.fm is all about AEGEE and all about music. During the new upcoming season of AEGEE.fm we would we would like all countries AEGEE is in to be represented by a “Music Ambassador”. They keep us up to date on how music develops in their country.

What does a Music Ambassador do?
As a Music Ambassador you obviously like music, and will keep track of what’s going on in music your country. The hits, but also the upcoming or promising artists. At least once a month, you will make a short overview of the top 10 songs in music charts in your country, with a little bit of your own influence. Include a few new songs you think are going to be hot. This can include world wide hits, but preferable songs that are only a hit in your own country.

How much time does this take?
Being Music Ambassador takes only about 1-2 hours per month, and it’s up to you to put more time in it.

What happens next?  
In the near future, a weekly radio show called ‘Embassy of Music’ will be broadcast containing a short overview of popular music in your country. Every week, some of the countries will be represented in the show.  The music charts will be published on our website AEGEE.fm, and music will be played on AEGEE.fm. About once a month, updates will be given in the weekly AEGEE.fm live radio show.

How do I apply?
You can apply by sending us a short message trough our contact form introducing yourself (include what antenna & country you’re from). Please introduce us to your music taste, and include some of your favourite songs. They don’t have to be from your country.