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Drug usage shortly allowed in Ireland

If you’re a fan of illegal drugs, Ireland was the place for you to be this week. Due to an unfortunate ruling of the Irish Supreme Court, which deemed the Misuse of Drugs Act from 1977 anticonstitutional, extasy, ketamin and crystal meth became legal in the republic on the midnight from Monday to Tuesday. The shocked Irish parliamentarians acted as quickly as they could but it turned out impossible to criminalize the drugs again before Thursday, giving the citizens two days to party as never before.

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No hide-and-seek in IKEA Eindhoven

In the Netherlands, IKEA has forbidden a large group of participants to play Hide-and-seek in one of their store. After a Facebook event was setup up last week, over thirty thousand people said they would come to an IKEA store in Eindhoven this Saturday. Unfortunately, the Swedish furniture company was worried that their warehouse has not been set up for such an amount of people hiding between BILLY AND BJÖRN. Their official statement reads: “Although we really love the initiative, we simply cannot coöperate because it is impossible to ensure the safety of both participants and normal visitors to our store”.

After IKEA went public with their opinion, the Facebook event’s location changed to, and I quote, “A Secret Place”

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Iceland doesn’t want EU-membership

In compliance with the anti-EU ideas, that have spread around Europe lately, Iceland announced that it does not want to become a member of the European Union anymore. While the government of the most remote European country hasn’t given any statement on why, one of the supposed reasons for this is that Iceland already has a lot of benefits exclusive to EU-members. For example, the Icelanders can already enjoy the advantages of visa-free travel as the country is already a part of the Schengen-zone.

In 2009, Iceland applied for EU-membership and started accession talks, but they later decided to have a referrendum on the topic and then finally suspended the bid in 2013.

Source: BBC News

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French sports stars died in helicopter crash in Argentina

The nation of France was struck by mourning as eight French citizens, three of which were famous sports stars died in a helicopter crash in Argentina. The two helicopters crashed after colliding into each other during the recording of a TV-show in which the sportsmen, namely the Olympic swimmer Camille Muffat, Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine and Yachtswoman Florence Arthaud, were starring.

Source: BBC News

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General Elections held in Estonia

Last sunday, general elections were held in Estonia. Estonia’s governing Reform Party won this national election, which was overshadowed by security concerns, sparked by Russia’s role in Ukraine.

Surprisingly, the Estonian Center Party, which is known to have ties with the Russian president Vladimir Putin and which had been leading the opinion polls for the past several weeks, came second.

The elections went smoothly, according to Cono Giardullo from the AEGEE Election Observation Project:

There were these kind of isolated cases with some problems in counting, some enveloppes where the polling station staff were inserting the final votes of the candidates were not sealed properly. Sometimes there were some problems in the final counting...

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Russian opposition leader murdered

Last Friday, the Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was murdered on the streets of Moscow near the ever so beautiful St Basil’s Cathedral. On monday, a video taken by a security camera showed the shooting, which happened on the sidewalk of a bridge.

Ever since the shooting, a giant ocean of flowers spawned and kept growing at the crime site. Two days after, a march which Nemtsov was originally going to organize, was actually dedicated to his death. Local media said that over fifty thousand people participated.

Boris Nemtsov, who has been an active politician in Russia for many years, was once Deputy Prime Minister in the nineteen nineties. In recent years, he became known as an opposition leader against Vladimir Putin...

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