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The best of on Thursday, 30th of April

The best of on Thursday, 30th of April. Deadlines for SU applications closing in, so we’ll repeat the 4 interviews we had so far with different Summer Universities! In this show you’ll hear:

  • Lucia about the Bratislava/Maribor/Zadar SU
  • Gorge about the Berlin/Dresden/Wrocław SU
  • Khrystya about the Kharkiv/Dnipropetrovsk/Kyïv/Ivano-Frankivsk/Lviv
  • Alessia about the Genova/Siena SU

Don’t forget to sign up for a Summer University on

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This show was prerecorded because DJ Hemmo was on Exchange to AEGEE-Minsk

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Show #8: 24th of April, 2015

Show number 8 of with:

  • Last week was the Night of the Seven Antennae, and we’ll tell you all about it’s Aachen part!
  • In our series about Summer Universities we talked to Alessia Secreto of AEGEE-Genova about the SU by Genova and Siena, and find out all about why you should visit beautiful Italy!
  • A Network Meeting in Eindhoven is coming up and we’ll discuss all about it with organizer Niels of the AEGEE-Eindhoven

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Read More interview on Golden Times

Instead of interviewing others, Hemmo got interviewed himself! is now featured on an article on the AEGEE Golden Times. Check it out!

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Show #7: 17th of April, 2015

The seventh show of with:

  • In our series about Summer Universities we talked to Khrystya Lishchynska (AEGEE-Lviv) about the TSU by Lviv, Charkiv, Denipropétrovsk, Kyïv, and Ivano-Frankivsk and hear why you should sign up!
  • We talked about the past AgorAsturias, give you some updates about the network and Eric Luckner (AEGEE-Aachen) briefly discusses proxy voting.
  • Tomorrow is the Night of the Seven Antennae. A while ago we talked to Philipp Blum from AEGEE-Aachen about what this remarkable event actually is, and why you should watch it!
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New website launched!

Today, April 16th of 2015, AEGEE celebrates it’s 30th birthday. This will be celebrated big time in 7 cities all over Europe during the upcoming weekend. Together with this great celebration, launches it’s new website today! Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think :-)

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School for Witchcraft and Wizardry founded in Poland

In Czocha, in South-western Poland, a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry has been founded. Students who want to learn all about spells and potions. For four days, students could take different classes and for example learn how to ‘tame magical creatures in the forest’. Unfortunately they don’t teach about Social Contacts, something that might actually be useful for the kind of students this attracts.

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Liberland; Europe’s newest country

Europe has a new country! BBC reports about A Czech man who claims to have established the new sovereign state of “Liberland”. It consists of a 7 square kilometer  patch between Serbia and Croatia. The area wasn’t claimed by both of them before.

Vit Jedlicka has been promoting his new country in Czech media, and claims that he has received support from “Across the entire political spectrum in the Czech Republic”. It is unclear if this claim is just a publicity stunt, however Jedlicka did actually go to the area to plant the flag of the newborn state. On his website he states that he wants a country without “unnecessary restrictions and taxes”, and people can sign up for citizenship online...

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Germanwings Aircraft crashed in France

Our main story this week comes from the Republic of France where a Germanwings aircraft flying from Barcelona to Düsseldorf crashed on Monday. All 150 people aboard died in the crash. Our current information suggest that there were no AEGEEans on board.
For two days it remained unclear why this happened. The plane had just arrived at its cruising altitude when it started descending again until it eventually crashed. Although it should be pointed out that the investigation has just started, the most recent reports suggest that the copilot made the plane crash deliberately.


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Pharaoh for the Netherlands?

The Netherlands might be getting a Pharaoh! In a moment of rage against the Monarchy, The Dutch TV-Show host Arjen Lubach declared himself the “first Pharaoh of the Netherlands”. He did this live during his broadcast last Sunday. In addition to this, he has started a ‘civilians initiative’, a measure which can be used to have a matter discussed in the Dutch House of Representatives.

Within days he reached the minimum of 40.000 signatures required for this ‘civilians initiative’ and although it is obviously not very likely that the House will satisfy his request, the number of signatures still grants him the right to face the House and explain his ideas.

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Solar Eclipse casts shadow over Europe

Today, Large parts of Europe went dark for a brief moment. The moon shifted between the Sun and planet Earth which blocked parts of the sunlight. The solar eclipse was visible in many countries, but a fully covered sun could only be seen from Faroe Islands which is right in the middle between Norway and Iceland.

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