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Clips show #14

Show number 14 of, just the interviews.

Tony Tail
Tony Cairn
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Show #14: 21st of September, 2015

Show number 14 of with this week:

  • There are 3 weeks left before the Agora in Kyiv starts, and AEGEE-Kyïv is working full time to arrange everything. We’ll get in touch about this and ask all about it to the main Coördinator of the Agora, Anna Smailikova!

  • People with mental health issues or physical disabilities are sometimes having a hard time mixing in and talking about these issues. We’ll get in touch with the Opening Inclusion Project and find out all about what the current situation on this is within AEGEE, and about how important awareness is.

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Clips show #13

Today on All about the refugee crisis in a special show. During the show we’ll try to find out how different parts of the AEGEE network are dealing with refugees that are flooding Europe.

Tony Tail
Tony Cairn
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Show #13: 14th of September, 2015

Today on All about the refugee crisis in a special show. During the show we’ll try to find out how different parts of the AEGEE network are dealing with refugees that are flooding Europe.

  • We will get in touch with the network by connecting to Mytilini (Lesbos, Greece),  Bratislava, Belgrade, and Mannheim and find out what the people in those cities are doing, how their government is responding to the refugees and what happens on European level.
  • Let us know what your country or city is doing to face this crisis. What’s your opinion? Send us a message on Facebook, by E-Mail or on WhatsApp at +31 629957666.

This show has been edited to cut out some technical difficulties that happened during the live broadcast

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Show #12: 7th of september

Time for show number twelve of with:

  • ACT (the Action Agenda Coordination Committee) is looking for new team members! Find out all about who they are, what they do for AEGEE and how you can help them out! We’ll get in touch with Miljana from ACT to tell you all about it.
  • Like many people, Anastasia went on Summer University this year, and we’ll find out all about how her experience was and if she managed to solve the Ionian Mystery. Did she have any troubles with the two crises that are threatening Greece right now?
  • Do you have something for our show? Get in touch trough Whatsapp at +31 6299 57666, on facebook by looking for or send an e-mail to
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31st of August, 2015: Show #11

On the 31st of August at 20.00 CEST (GMT+2), was back with an all new two hour and a half hour season premiere, live from the CD House in Brussels.

For your convenience, the show was split up in 3 parts.

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Wanted: Music Embassadors

We are looking for Music Embassadors in all the countries AEGEE is located in, to keep us up to date on how music develops in their country. Later on we will develop a new weekly themed hour, “Embassy of Music”, with music from all over Europe, accompanied by the music ambassador and a short general chart of music in Europe.

For more information on and application, check our Embassy of Music page.

Read More’s web server crashed

Oy… The server we rented hosting the website and live stream crashed due to a broken hard disk. While a copy of most of the website was safely stored elsewhere, recently changed parts of the website went missing because of this and a few other things broke. We are working to get everything back up again, but meanwhile things might be missing or working incorrectly.

For the nerdy few who used direct links to for example our stream; the server name has changed to, port name remaining 8600.

Fun fact: The servers of our webhost are named Kyïv, Aachen and Zaragoza (but not located in those cities).

Read More moves to Monday!

After a long and hot summer, is ready to rock during the second season of! During the 2015-2016 season, 36 brand new shows are currently being prepared with the first starting on Monday, 31st of August.

You saw that right, listened to it’s listeners, and decided to move the weekly show from Friday to Monday. Time of broadcast will remain 20.00 CET/CEST (GMT+2 during summer, GMT+1 during winter).

Double Length Season Premiere

The first show, on 31st of August, will last two hours, to catch up with the AEGEE members, Summer Universities but and the brand new Comité Directeur. We are planning something really exciting, but have to wait a little longer to announce this. More on this show will be announced later on our Facebook page.

Agora Kyïv

This fall, AEGEE...

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As you might have noticed there were no shows the past few weeks. Mostly because of me being busy with other projects that required attention, and partially because recently there was less to report on. During the summer the lack of news will obviously continue (the Dutch call it “Cucumber time”).

Therefore takes a Summer Break. This allows me to take all summer to prepare new interviews and reports. I will be going on SU to Ukraine, where I hope to be able to make some reports on local culture (and visiting Chernobyl!) and well, what’s going on. I will also continue to look for ways to expand the team.

The first show of back in February started out only as a test, but was a very big succes, which kind of demanded it to continue...

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