Next show: 4th of April has been offline for quite a while now, but will rise back to (hopefully) a new height!

We will be back on Monday, the 4th of April at 20.00 (CET) the fourth with several topics
– Summer University Applications are open and SUCT will be on the phone to tell you all about it
– Furthermore, we will be in touch with one of the organizers from a very interesting summer university about their SU and why you should sign up for it
– On the 6th of April, the Netherlands will be holding a referendum on an association agreement with Ukraine. Members of AEGEE-Delft started an independent campaign to inform people why they should vote and what they should take in to account. You’ll hear all about it from one of the organizers.
– Do you like strange food? Off course you do! We will start a cooking class teaching you how to cook something… Dutch! You have until April the 4th to practice on pronouncing ‘Andijviestamppot’, as that’s what we will be making. Good luck!
– Lots and lots of other things that will still be announced!