31st of August, 2015: Show #11

On the 31st of August at 20.00 CEST (GMT+2), AEGEE.fm was back with an all new two hour and a half hour season premiere, live from the CD House in Brussels.

For your convenience, the show was split up in 3 parts.

Tony Tail
Tony Cairn

Overview of the show:

20:00-21:00: Part 1

  • Introduction & Headlines of the European News (read by Anna Gumbau)
  • CD members introducing themselves
  • Maryana about Interim Network Director and moving to Brussels on short notice
  • Mayri Tiido about her past board year
  • Aleksandra about presidency, her dreams for the future, and juicy gossips
  • Nico Bailo from AEGEE-Zaragoza about the Balkan Beats Summer University

21:00-22:00: Part 2

  • Update on the upcoming Agora Kyïv
  • Ander and Svenja about their preparations for the Agora
  • Maryana about todays incidents and safety in Kyïv
  • AEGEE Network News & Open calls (read by Anna Gumbau)
  • Anna Gumbau about Siësta’s, the AEGEEan Magazine, Radio, being Communications Director.
  • Roma from AEGEE-L’viv about the Pre-event for Agora Kyïv
  • Svenja about being Secretary General, her past experiences and baking
  • Réka about being Vice President, ongoing projects for her as project director and singing Ode to Joy during Agora

22:00-22:30: Part 3

  • Pablo & Anna about being Pander and expanding into Panderanka
  • Pablo about IT in the CD House and being External Relations Director
  • Anna about Holidays in Spain
  • Ander about his Pander activity plan. (Gossip alert!)
  • Ander and Maryana about “saving water”.