on Summer Break

As you might have noticed there were no shows the past few weeks. Mostly because of me being busy with other projects that required attention, and partially because recently there was less to report on. During the summer the lack of news will obviously continue (the Dutch call it “Cucumber time”).

Therefore takes a Summer Break. This allows me to take all summer to prepare new interviews and reports. I will be going on SU to Ukraine, where I hope to be able to make some reports on local culture (and visiting Chernobyl!) and well, what’s going on. I will also continue to look for ways to expand the team.

The first show of back in February started out only as a test, but was a very big succes, which kind of demanded it to continue. This allowed me to build the show to a great height with many listeners from all over Europe. Also, the Archives were a big hit, as some shows and clips were listened over 150 times. Concluding the first series, I’m a very happy man on many levels… will be back somewhere between the middle of August the beginning of September.
Enjoy summer, Enjoy Europe!